I’ve been in the business of remodeling in Orange County now for just over 25 years and have worked with 50 to 100 different contractors, some good, some not so good. 8 out of 10 I wouldn’t have work on anyone’s house, but a few are good.

You need to educate yourself.

Call the contractors license board. Punch in their license number. If they don’t have one don’t use them.

That will tell you anything that they have against them in the last three years. You can see if they’ve been active and if they have any bad comments about them.

The other thing is to check out their referral list and see if they’ve been doing jobs in the last year and over the last four or five years. This way you can see if the customers are still happy. You should be able to call the customers and see if the job was completed to the customers satisfaction.


Make sure your contracts are written up correctly and if you can, have the contract include and be based off of the plans.

Unfortunately the contract that is given out by the state, that a lot of contractors use, has very little information on it. So if you get a set of plans drawn up, it can spell out a lot more details, so that when you are half way through the job a contractor will not say that various items were not included and start raising the price of the job.

  • Make sure you do your homework on the contractor.
  • Make sure you get a good contract.
  • And have the plans tied in to the contract.

Plans are very important. They’re basically a customized set of prints that show all the details of your addition. So you want to make sure those are done correctly.

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