Why is it important to get more than 1 or 2 designs for Orange County Additions?

The Benefits of Multiple Plans for Orange County Additions

Most designers have a tendency to sit down with the homeowner, get a few pieces of information and get one or 2 designs. For the most part they can design what the homeowner wants or even something slightly better.

The problem with only one or 2 designs is that, when you get to the framing stages, you will come up with different ideas that you had not considered before. You can make those changes on the fly but it will slow down the progress of your remodel and hold up the job.


For instance, if you are moving a window or door on an outside wall, it can change the structural calculations.

So many times you see jobs that are held up for one reason or another. It can be for 1-3 weeks. Lets face it, the contractor is basically living at your house the whole time, and you want them out of there and the remodel completed as soon a possible.

So, by doing a set of preliminary plans, showing you multiple designs, you can have everything set out on paper. It is a lot easier and more cost-effective to figure everything out on paper which allows you to see and pick the best parts from the 5-7 different designs and come up with something that really works the best for your family.

This will help you during the construction itself because you know you have looked at all your different options and there will be few to no changes and your job will flow smoothly.

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Having multiple home design plans will make you happy